Autogenous vaccines

(brand name AUTODYN) are inactivated vaccines specific to a particular herd or farm.

Vaccines AUTODYN offer individual approach and solution of adverse health situation where effective registered vaccines are not available. Production of autogenous vaccines in the Dyntec spol. s r. o. has a long tradition. The entire production process is carried out in accordance with the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Active substance (antigen) of the product are inactivated immunogens of the relevant isolates, which activate protective mechanisms (macrophages, opsonins, B and T lymphocytes) and this leads to creation of solid immunity against individual infectious agents. The individual components of the vaccine are in the organism gradually degraded and processed by the immune system. This leads to creation of specific antibodies against individual components.

Based on our experience, antigens are carefully inactivated, high-purified and concentrated. To achieve high immunogenicity, there are used quality adjuvants suitable for the given species of animals and antigens.

Topicality of antigens contained in the autogenous vaccine is achieved by regular update based on the laboratory examinations at least once every six months.

Advisory and consultancy services

To achieve the expected effect of autogenous vaccines, the DYNTEC company will ensure for you a complex advisory and consultancy services in breeding:
– Isolation and identification of causative agents of a disease
– Determination of the sensitivity to antibiotics
– Serological determination of the level of antibodies (PI3, BRSV, BVD, IBR)
– Virological examination (Rotaviruses, Coronaviruses)
– Long-term control of efficacy of vaccination and medication programs in disease control

Replace treatment for vaccination! The vaccine is suitable especially for breeding, where it is necessary to minimize the burden of organism during immunization. Vaccines are vitally important for welfare of animals, prevention of disease and protection of consumer’s health.

To order a production of an autogenous vaccine, please contact the staff of Foreign Trade Department – telephone numbers can be found in the section Contact

The Order Forms (= Purchase Order for the production of autogenous vaccine) are available here: 
Order Form for Autodyn
Order Form for Autodyn SOFT

Autogenous inactivated purified vaccine with oil adjuvant against specific bacterial etiologic agent.

AUTODYN is an autogenous inactivated vaccine (with oil adjuvans) made from pathogens and antigens obtained from an animal or animals of one particular species and it can be used for treatment in the animal or animals of this species in the same area. Designed especially for pigs, sheep, and rabbits.

Autogenous inactivated vaccine with alhydrogel adjuvant particularly for cattle and sheep against respiratory, enteric and mixed infections.

AUTODYN SOFT is an autogenous inactivated vaccine (with aluminium hydroxide adjuvans) made from pathogens and antigens obtained from an animal(s) of one particular breed and is used to treat such animal(s) in the same area. Designed especially for cattle, calf, sheep, and goats.