Products for dogs

Vaccines and immunoglobulins for dogs - Tradition of production since 1959

There is a long tradition of production of vaccines for dogs in Terezín. Already in 1959 the company introduced the lyophilized vaccine against distemper and hepatitis CANVAC® DH. In 1993 was developed a comprehensive range of modern veterinary vaccines for dogs, which are gaining more and more users on the domestic and foreign markets.

Heterologous purified globulins CANGLOB® offer both effective help in the treatment of serious infectious diseases of dogs either the possibility of prevention in animals, where it is not possible to induce an active immune protection by vaccination.

suspension for injection for dogs

The liquid vaccine containing inactivated virus of parvovirosis of dogs to ensure active immunization of dogs, especially designed for pregnant animals to ensure protection of their youngsters by specific colostral immunity against parvovirosis of dogs.

suspension for injection

The vaccine is designed for an active immunization of target species against rabies.