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Vaccines and immunoglobulins for dogs - Tradition of production since 1959

There is a long tradition of production of vaccines for dogs in Terezín. Already in 1959 the company introduced the lyophilized vaccine against distemper and hepatitis CANVAC® DH. In 1993 was developed a comprehensive range of modern veterinary vaccines for dogs, which are gaining more and more users on the domestic and foreign markets.

Heterologous purified globulins CANGLOB® offer both effective help in the treatment of serious infectious diseases of dogs either the possibility of prevention in animals, where it is not possible to induce an active immune protection by vaccination.

Vaccines for pigs of the SUIVAC series belong to the quality and proven immunopreparates.

Production of vaccines for pigs at Dyntec was launched in 1996, when the veterinarians offered autogenous vaccines against respiratory disease of pigs. Already in 2001 first in a series of vaccines SUIVAC were registered for the Czech market.

The service of a diagnostic laboratory is an integral part of the service to our clients. On demand we will ensure a comprehensive examination in the farms.

Vaccines for rabbits

Our vaccines for rabbits cover economically the most severe diseases occurring in rabbit breeding, which include especially Viral Haemorrhagic Disease of rabbits and Myxomatosis.

(brand name AUTODYN) are inactivated vaccines specific to a particular herd or farm.

Vaccines AUTODYN offer individual approach and solution of adverse health situation where effective registered vaccines are not available. Production of autogenous vaccines in the Dyntec spol. s r. o. has a long tradition. The entire production process is carried out in accordance with the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). 

To order a production of an autogenous vaccine, please contact the staff of Foreign Trade Department – telephone numbers can be found in the section Contact

The Order Forms (= Purchase Order for the production of autogenous vaccine) are available here: 
Order Form for Autodyn
Order Form for Autodyn SOFT

Colinfant Newborn contains a lyophilized suspension of live E. coli cells. It prevents the adherence of pathogens by colonization of receptors of intestinal mucosa and displaces present enterophathogenic strains. An important property of the vaccine is the ability to extrude pathogenic microorganisms also outside of the digestive tract. It stimulates creation of specific and non-specific antibodies both in the intestine and in serum. It positive and long-term affects the immune response.