Dyntec spol. s r. o., belongs among several most significant Czech producers of pharmaceuticals. The company specializes in development and manufacture of biopreparates, especially vaccines. The company’s products continue successful tradition of vaccine production of the former company Bioveta Terezín, s. p., for veterinary market at home and abroad. We continue this tradition and dynamically develop production of Czech pharmaceuticals both for our market and mainly for export.

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The state company Bioveta Terezín was founded in 1948. The main tasks of this company were research, diagnostics and production of vaccines against a very dangerous infection, foot and mouth disease. From 1973 to 1978, there was built in Bioveta, at that time, the most advanced technology for production of vaccines against foot and mouth disease in the world. A complete technological unit was supplied by Swiss company Chemap and production was carried out according to the French licence. Based on the decision of the European Union in the early 90s it was forbidden to vaccinate animals against foot and mouth disease and for this reason was also stopped the production of the vaccine against foot and mouth disease in Bioveta Terezín.

Throughout the 90s, already in the Dyntec spol. s r. o., proceeded an intensive development of new products to replace the deficit of the vaccine against foot and mouth disease. Currently the Dyntec spol. s r. o. produces 30 new medicinal products, mainly vaccines for dogs, pigs and rabbits.

During 90s, based on the requirements of the European Union and state authorities of the Czech Republic, were made some major reconstructions and construction of new clean areas as required by the relevant standards. In early 90s it was construction of clean areas for filling sterile products. In 1997 were built clean areas for microbiological laboratory and virological laboratory for production of antigens. In 2002, the Dyntec Company was hit by extensive flooding which resulted in destruction of the entire first floor of the production pavilion.

During 2003 was prepared a project for reconstruction of production premises on the first floor of the production pavilion; the construction began and in early 2004 were made installation, operational and process qualifications. It was construction of new station for preparation of clean steam, new station for preparation of purified filtered water including the production plant of compressed air. Furthermore during 2003 was made a complete reconstruction of heat production, there were built new boiler rooms, including central boiler room. On the first floor of the production pavilion were built and brought to operation production laboratories for preparation of liquid sterile medicinal products.

In the second half of 2006 was finished building of production premises for preparation of bacterial antigens on the first floor of the production pavilion and in early 2007 were made the necessary qualifications.

Within the project Specialized centre for development of vaccines, registration number of the project 4.2 PT02/129, there was during 2011 made a complete reconstruction of part of the second floor of the production pavilion in the range: laboratory for inoculum preparation, laboratory of biofermentation, laboratory for media preparation, laboratory for tissue cultures and washroom for glass and auxiliary material including auxiliary premises.

The Dyntec spol. s r. o. further added reconstruction of the existing facilities of microbiological laboratory, virological laboratory and lyophilization and filling department.

In early 2012, the company management decided to implement a prestigious international quality management system according to EN ISO 9001:2008 and environmental protection according to EN ISO 14001:2004. The reason for this decision is an effort to further improve development and production of medicinal products and related services.

In 2014 was initiated a process of enlargement of the existing premises of infectious production of viral antigens and enlargement of existing premises of the bacterial antigens production department. This reconstruction in the extent of enlargement of the existing premises proceeds within the project “Enlargement of the existing specialized centre for development of vaccines by section for preparation and storage of antigens on rollers”. The date of reconstruction completion is August 2015 when will be initiated the appropriate qualifications and validations.

To raise the standard of production and control premises of the Dyntec spol. s r. o., there was made, in the second quarter of 2015, a complete reconstruction of premises of chemical part of laboratory of the control department in the extent of construction modifications and complete equipping with laboratory furniture, so that the premises fully comply with the current standards.

The main aim of the Dyntec spol. s r. o. is doing solid and careful work with emphasis on quality and effectiveness of produced pharmaceuticals with regard to environmental protection. The advantage of the company is speed of reaction and responsiveness to meet legitimate requests of customers.