Dyntec spol. s r. o. is one of the leading Czech producers of pharmaceuticals. The company specialises in development and manufacture of biopreparates - especially vaccines. Dyntec’s products carry on the successful tradition of the former company Bioveta Terezíns s.p.’s vaccine production for the veterinary market at home and abroad. We are preserving this tradition by dynamically developing the production of Czech pharmaceuticals for our market and for export.

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The state company Bioveta Terezín was founded in 1948 and was mainly involved in research, diagnostics and production of vaccines against a very dangerous infection: foot and mouth disease. From 1973 to 1978 Bioveta developed the world’s most advanced technology for production of vaccines against this disease. A complete technological unit was supplied by the Swiss company Chemap and production was carried out on the basis of the French licence. The European Union’s decision in the early 1990s meant that vaccination of animals against foot and mouth disease was banned and Bioveta Terezín’s production of the vaccine against this disease ceased.

Throughout the 1990s Dyntec proceeded with intensive development of new products to meet the demand for a vaccine against foot and mouth disease. Currently, Dyntec manufactures 30 new medicinal products - mainly vaccines for dogs, pigs and rabbits.

During the 1990s, in accordance with the requirements from the European Union and the state authorities of the Czech Republic, major reconstructions and construction of new clean areas were carried out in accordance with the relevant standards. In the early 1990s clean areas for filling sterile products were constructed, and in 1997 clean areas for a microbiological laboratory and a virological laboratory for production of antigens followed. In 2002 Dyntec was hit by extensive flooding where the entire first floor of the production pavilion was destroyed.

The first floor of the production pavilion was reconstructed in 2003. Installation and operational and process qualifications were finalised in early 2004 and a new station for generation of clean steam and a new station for generation of purified filtered water were built, including a compressed air production plant. 2003 also saw a complete reconstruction of heat production, and new boiler rooms were constructed, including a central boiler room. In the same year production laboratories for preparation of liquid sterile medicinal products were built and put into operation on the first floor of the production pavilion.

In the second half of 2006 the construction of production premises for preparation of bacterial antigens was completed on the first floor of the production pavilion, and, in early 2007, the necessary qualifications were obtained.

In 2011 a complete reconstruction was made of the second floor of the production pavilion in the specialised centre for development of vaccines (registration number 4.2 PT02/129). This involved a laboratory for inoculum preparation, a laboratory for biofermentation, a laboratory for media preparation, a laboratory for tissue cultures and a washroom for glass and auxiliary material, including auxiliary premises.

Dyntec also reconstructed the existing facilities, including a microbiological laboratory, a virological laboratory and a lyophilization and filling department.

In early 2012 management decided to introduce a prestigious international quality management system in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2008 and to also introduce environmental protection in accordance with EN ISO 14001:2004. This was an effort to further improve development and production of medicinal products and related services.

Enlargement of the existing premises for infectious production of viral antigens as well as the existing premises for bacterial antigens production was initiated in 2014. This reconstruction proceeds as a part of the project ‘Enlargement of the existing specialised centre for development of vaccines by section for preparation and storage of antigens on rollers.’ The reconstruction will be completed in August 2015 where the required qualifications and validations will be obtained.

In order to raise the standard of Dyntec’s production and control premises, a complete reconstruction of the chemical part of the laboratory in the control department was made in the second quarter of 2015, including construction modifications and laboratory furniture. This means that the premises now fully live up to the current standards.

First and foremost Dyntec aims to perform solid and careful work with an emphasis on the quality and efficacy of manufactured pharmaceuticals in terms of environmental protection.
Dyntec has a unique ability to react speedily in order to respond to customers’ requirements.